Providing effective advocacy in all matters of attorney licensing, regulation, and professional discipline


Alan B. Gordon represents California attorneys facing the frightening and potentially life-altering prospect of professional discipline.


If you are a California attorney who has received a letter from the State Bar of California concerning an allegation of professional misconduct that has been made against you, it is in your best interest promptly to secure qualified counsel to advise you and to respond to the State Bar on your behalf.  And if the matter should proceed to the filing in the State Bar Court of a formal notice of disciplinary charges, it is imperative that you be represented in the proceeding by an attorney who is familiar with the process and who has a thorough understanding of the California State Bar Act and the Rules of Professional Conduct, and of the extensive body of case authority applying and interpreting those statutes and rules.  Alan B. Gordon, with over 18 years of experience as a prosecutor with the State Bar’s Office of the Chief Trial Counsel, is here to help.


Mr. Gordon is also available to assist aspiring lawyers who have been denied certification of good moral character by the State Bar’s Committee of Bar Examiners and who wish to contest such denial, former attorneys seeking to establish their rehabilitation and fitness to practice and thereby to regain their license to practice law, and anyone else caught up in any legal matter in the field of attorney discipline, licensing, and the regulation of the legal profession in California.